Does the idea of owning an object that existed a thousand years ago, 500 years ago, a hundred years ago, of holding it in the palm of your hand make you shudder?

A lesson in style from a country cut off from the world

I'll try to tell it like it happened.In 2013, the Austrian photographer Lukas Birk went to Burma, "a country of which we know nothing." From back-shops to antique dealers, here it is finds a number of family photo albums spanning almost a century, and his collection is now so huge that he has set up a fund, Myanmar Photo Archive, considering that it does not belong to him.

Among these albums, there is Irene's.About fifty photos all representing the same person, at different ages, although we do not see her age that much.Who was Irene, who poses with such a quiet consistency for the photographer?

Obviously, Lukas Birk wonders and investigates.But he finds nothing.No, this star-like person was not one, the Burmese are formal.He was not a model either.Nor is she a socialite, as we say now, one of those people we see in the worldly chronicles of magazines.No one remembers her.

From Irene, there are only these fifty photos that immortalize her.All that we want to learn from her, it must be deduced, and the alertness of Lukas Birk gets into action.'Irene does not come from a poor family.It is not so easy to see, because what makes Irene unique is her extremely simple style, her bags are made of rattan, her feet are bare or simply shod flip flops, almost no jewelry…

This is what precisely delights the soul, this absolute sophistication, this love of fashion that we feel in each image, this adherence to the style of the 1970s, all with almost nothing.can mainly be guessed by the decor behind it, although there is nothing flashy there yet.Irene has the phone.Irene has records.Irene has a hi-fi, we say, since it is there on the photos.

Posted Date: 2020-06-28

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